As general contractor for your project we deliver a turn-key operation by working directly with the project architect, designer, engineers and trades professionals from the beginning to give our input on the construction aspect of your project. Whether you use an architect you've worked with or an architect from our network of industry partners, we will work with that person in each stage from the inception of your project to completion. We work collaboratively, give construction knowledge and value engineering input, and help direct a concept that will work practically within your desired project scope and budget.
After visiting your home or site and meeting with your design and engineering professionals we will discuss design options that are feasible within your space or site, budget and project parameters. Your architect will develop some concepts for you to consider and then a more detailed preliminary design based on which concept you choose.

Once the specifics of your project have been established we will move on to pricing your project. We operate based on a negotiated bid method rather than the competitive bidding process. Our estimation team spends time to strategize and research your project price. That ensures you get the value out of your project you are looking for and that we can deliver the level of quality of work our reputation holds ourselves to.
At CRC Builders, we want to ensure that every construction project runs smoothly and is a pleasant experience for the homeowner, so we offer online client access to a Project Management site to keep you informed throughout the process.

We provide every client with access to a secure website containing all of the details of the project, including selections, upgrades, documents, photos, questions, and financial decisions. We want this information to be available to you and at your fingertips when you need it.
Please view the video to see an example of how the online client access works.